Adopt-a-Beach™ Forms and Instructions

How to Become a Team Leader

Become a Team Leader - Learn more about being a Team Leader and how to hold a successful event

Instructions and Forms for Team Leaders

Adopt-a-Beach™ How to Guide - Instructions to guide team leaders through what to do before, during and after an Adopt-a-Beach™ event.

Litter Monitoring Form - Data collection printed by team leaders for volunteers to track litter they find during Adopt-a-Beach™ events.

Volunteer Waiver and Liablity Release - Sign-in sheets to be completed by volunteers for each Adopt-a-Beach™ event and returned to the Alliance.

Adopt-a-Beach™ Training

Team Leader Training - Team Leader Training

Adopt-a-Beach™ Outreach Tools

Flyer to promote your event - Download this flyer and add your local cleanup information.

Sample Press Release - Download and add in your local cleanup information and send to your community media outlets.

Alliance for the Great Lakes Contacts

State by State Contacts for Adopt-a-Beach - Have questions or want to know more contact your state coordinator?

Additional Resources and Program Results

Special Adopt-a-Beach Project Results - Learn about findings from a special litter data collection project comparing beaches in two Great Lakes states.

Adopt-a-Beach results 2018 - Data collected by volunteers compiled by the Alliance in a report out of the results from the 2018 Adopt-a-Beach season.

Educator Resources

Adopt-a-Beach Curriculum Activities - Expand learning beyond the beach and use these fun and educational curriculum activities that align with the Adopt-a-Beach program.

How to Guide for Educators - Step by step instructions on how to carry out a successful Adopt-a-Beach field trip with your students.